Your Family Inspired Melbourne Getaway

Though holidays are undoubtedly loved, they come in different forms. And the type of holiday you plan has everything to do with how it pans out and how you enjoy yourself. For example, a honeymoon is different to a girls’ trip. A solo backpacking trip is different to a trip with your parents. In the same way, a trip with your own brood is something entirely different too. Aside from obviously needing to plan a whole lot more, it also means that you need to slot in plenty of fun stuff for the kids too. Fortunately, Melbourne is an expansive, bustling, creative city that has something for everyone so you are sure to enjoy it. Here are a few ideas for family-tripping around Melbourne.

Collingwood Children’s Farm

In many ways, this is something that is not just appealing to children, but for grown-ups too. It is a very grounding experience which is necessary, given the concrete jungles we are surrounded with today. Rediscover yourself and your connections with nature, and help your kids understand theirs at Collingwood Children’s Farm. They are focused on farming life, so you have the chance to get up-close and personal with activities like milking cows, feeding the animals, riding a pony, or in general just running about in ample space with no restrictions. What is more, you can enjoy a wholesome meal prepared fresh with local ingredients. Who said this was for kids only?

Fairy Park

Imagination really does come alive in the form of mechanical characters all across this absurdly creative theme park. The place is filled with wolves, ogres, princes and so on who are flagged by large toadstools that line the pathways. The whole thing even comes equipped with dungeons that adds to the whole atmosphere. Again, you could say that this is something loves by adults and kids alike. As far as Melbourne city tourist attractions go, this one is not only unusual, but appeals to all ages. Take your kids on an adventure and help them carve out their own creativity.

Melbourne Zoo

How can a trip anywhere exclude a visit to the local zoo? The Melbourne Zoo is available for you to take your kids and make a day of it. Not only will you get the chance to witness over 250 species of creatures from all around the world, you will also meet plenty of local wildlife. It is especially important to familiarise oneself with our fauna, seeing as how we are battling all sports of global calamities that could soon see them disappear forever. Drawing attention to them will also help your children understand the delicate balance within the ecosystem and how important it is to sustain it.

Kid Friendly Bars

Family holidays are not only about the kids. They are about you too, except it can be tough to sometimes take off on your own to spend some time. Which is why you should take advantage of Melbourne’s many kid-friendly bars. They have everything in place from designated pram areas to highchairs and so forth. Relax in peace without worrying too much, accompanied by your favourite drink in hand.