Top Reasons to Stay in Serviced Apartments in the Melbourne CBD

If you’re planning on staying in Melbourne, you may have heard some things about serviced apartments as an option for accommodation. For a while now, serviced apartments in the Melbourne CBD have been a popular choice for business people and general travelers – and it’s very obvious why.

If you’re looking for somewhere to book for a holiday or a work event, here are some reasons why Melbourne serviced apartments should be at the top of your list.

Live in Luxury

In comparison to a hotel room or a hostel, serviced apartments are the better choice, ensuring a spacious, comfortable and cosy stay. From spacious dining areas to kitchen facilities and meal preparation areas, serviced apartments mean that you don’t have to live out of your suitcase.

Meals are Easier

Most serviced apartments sin the Melbourne CBD have kitchens, providing you with a way to prepare and cook meals so you can save money on eating out. While this might not seem like much to some, being able to wake up and make cereal in the comfort of your own room can be a big luxury when on holiday.

You Save Money

Contrary to popular belief, serviced apartments are actually inexpensive when you take into account all the extras they offer. Serviced apartments are more than just accommodation; they also boast a kitchen, a comfortable living area, and a guarantee that you’re going to have an enjoyable stay.
Cost will undoubtedly vary depending on when and where you want to stay. If you’re booking a holiday for a busy period, do some research and compare prices so you can be sure you’re paying the standard amount.


Serviced apartments are a more secure and safer option. With a friendly and professional concierge, CCTV security and securely locked rooms, serviced apartments are a sure way to ensure your trip is safe.

Weekly Services

Something to excite the tidy people of the world, serviced apartments often come with weekly services, keeping your space liveable and clean. Serviced apartments are also advantageous in the fact that hotel workers won’t be disrupting you every day to clean your room. This way, you’ll know when the room is being serviced and you can do what you can to work around it.


An obvious perk, many serviced apartments in the Melbourne CBD come with free Wi-Fi. This means that you can stay in touch with family and friends, complete any work you need to do, and even keep your children entertained.

Self-Service Laundry Facilities

When you’re travelling, one of the things you often miss is the ability to wash your clothes. Serviced apartments provide this luxury, allowing you to get everything washed and dried before you need to jet off again.


Serviced apartments in Melbourne’s CBD are in a prime location for those wanting to explore the city or who are travelling for business. The centre of sport, art, business and fine dining, Melbourne will not disappoint anyone wanting to experience its magic.

Convenient for both Short and Long Stays

A serviced apartment is the perfect choice for anybody that’s visiting the Melbourne CBD. Whether it’s for a long business trip or only for a few days to explore the city, a serviced apartment is the best way to ensure you’re comfortable and getting your money’s worth.