Hard Floor Camper Trailers vs. Soft Floor Campers

The decision to buy a camper trailer is an exciting one to make. But with so many options to choose from, it can be stressful to decide between hard floor camper trailers and their soft floor counterparts. While this decision might seem overwhelming, it can become significantly easier when you take a look at their strengths and limitations.

Before making a purchase decision, here’s what you need to know about each of these camper trailer types.

Hard Floor Campers

Hard floor camper trailers are one of the most popular camper types in the industry. Offering convenience, comfort, and versatility, hard floor camper trailers are a preferred choice due to their easy set-up and towing. Available in sizes suitable for a range of different vehicles, hard floor camper trailers are a popular choice for a lot of different people.

The Pros                                 

The pros of hard floor camper trailers have much to do with their easy unfolding and set up, helping to ensure a hassle-free camping trip. The raised, hard flooring also makes it very easy and affordable to clean and maintain. The minimal campsite preparation paired with the compact storage means that hard floor campers suit all kinds of campers and are easy to bring on the road with you. They’re also priced relatively fairly, plus there’s a wide range of established providers offering good deals.

The Cons

The cons of hard floor camper trailers are generally concerns surrounding the limited storage and internal living space within the camper. They’re also heavier than their soft floor counterparts, so a vehicle with a higher towing capacity is required in order to haul them.

Soft Floor Campers

Soft floor camper trailers are different to hard floor camper trailers in that they have soft floors. However, this is not their only difference. They’re often chosen as a camper because they offer a lot of storage, while still remaining fairly low in weight even when fully loaded.

The Pros

Some of the main advantages of a soft floor camper trailer are that they offer a flexible amount of storage, versatility, and accessibility. Due to their lower weight, they’re also very easy and safe to tow, plus their weight sits low, making them much easier to maneuver. They’re a good choice for campers who require a bigger internal living space, so they’re often chosen by the likes of buyers with children or guests. The cost of a soft floor camper trailer can vary depending on size and weight capabilities, ensuring there are options for all budgets, and they can be easily attached to a range of vehicles.

The Cons

The main limitations of soft floor camper trailers are that the setting up of the campers can be time-consuming and more difficult than hard floor camper trailers. In order to properly set up soft floor campers, camp preparation is often required, which can be difficult and exhausting after a long drive. Soft floor campers also require more maintenance in terms of cleaning.